PG SOFT™ is proud to a announce a new partnership with Patagonia Entertainment.

Patagonia Entertainment is a developer of customizable technology solutions for the I-Gaming industry. Their company focuses on providing clients with a gaming platform and gaming content essential using industry leading technology.

They have many years of experience in developing games, with a gaming platform that allows players to enjoy the best user experience by converging online and land-based platforms. Patagonia’s platform provides a multitude of solutions, from managing content to managing the business side of things, such as Player management and Payment methods.

Not only that, but recently in 2018, to become a true omnichannel solution, Patagonia Entertainment had acquired the AutoGameSYS gaming platform, which offers not only content to online platforms, but also the opportunity to enable their clients to develop their own gaming platforms.

With such an impressive portfolio, PG SOFT™ is proud to become partners with Patagonia Entertainment. By combining PG SOFT™ 's creativity with our wide variety of games, we are certain that this partnership will provide players with the best gaming experience, creating a best of both sides.