PG SOFT™ is proud to announce our continued participation in the three-day ICE exhibition (ICE Totally Gaming). 2019 will be PG SOFT™’s third year participating in the annual ICE exhibition. The closing of the exhibition always marks the beginning of renewed efforts of PG SOFT™ in the coming year. Of course, 2018 was a year that was not to be neglected, for PG SOFT™ will be bringing its most exquisite games to everyone in the ICE exhibition.

PG SOFT™ has always been strict with our requirements of our products, for we strive to present the most exquisite works possible. The perseverance and persistence are the philosophy of everyone in PG SOFT™. And with this in mind, PG SOFT™ has carefully planned the whole year to create 6 new games and 1 card game for ICE 2019. The games include: JUNGLE DELIGHT, EMPEROR’S FAVOUR, JOURNEY TO THE WEALTH, TOMB OF TREASURE, GANESHA GOLD, THREE MONKEYS and the card game, BACCARAT.

Based on our past experiences, PG SOFT™ exclusive tournaments were always one of the highlights of the event. The tournament not only allows visitors to learn more about our game features, but also allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the unique marketing strategy of the PG SOFT™ brand. Our tournament options are sure to pump up the crowd!

PG SOFT™ will be setting up tournaments to giveaway a wealth of prizes on 2 different time periods each day.

Be sure to join us at the annual ICE 2019! We will be waiting for you at the N7-436 booth from 5 – 7 February. Feel free to send us a message to make an appointment with us on the PG SOFT™’s official website. PG SOFT™ will see you soon!